PKR Candidates are Going Ahead with Personal Attacks

Earlier, Rafizi Ramli made statements against the Economic Affairs Minister and Deputy President of PKR, Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali. Rafizi is still carrying out his attacks and hateful messages against
Azmin Ali. Rafizi who considers Ali as his rival and is hell-bent to present Azmin in the negative light.
Rafizi has been taking the help of public relations companies that unfairly participates in the electoral process. A huge amount of money is being paid to bolster the electoral machine of Rafizi and it opposes
to the electoral policies laid down by the party.

Rafizi has created a lot of humiliation to personalities within the Party by publishing false information about his relationship with them. He tried to display his electoral power, however, it emerges that whatever
he is trying out are his futile efforts to make a forged impression on the members of the party.
Rafizi has been warned not to take part in such acts on numerous occasions. The candidates who would be fighting for the PKR election should exhibit good characteristic by coming up with a mission and
a vision for enhancing the party, instead of, making personal attacks on other party members.
Candidate for the party’s central leadership council member, Datuk Kamarudin Jaffar stated that he wishes that the continuing campaign is not used as a stage to spread negative thoughts that can create the rift
within the party. He also asserted his sorrow on personal attacks which has been carried out by some candidates.


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