In a Ploy to Save Last of their Territory, Islamic State Deploys Car Bombs!

One of the biggest milestones to overcome by International forces is the capture of eastern Syria from the jihadists. Ever since 2014, the Jihadists or IS terrorists have been occupying a third of Iran and Syria.

However, ever since the US deployed their forces to battle these insurgents, the Kurdish YGP militia along with the US-backed army forces and SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) worked to push back these jihadists. Becoming increasingly successful in their endeavor, the US-backed forces succeeded in recapturing areas occupied by the jihadists.

Nevertheless, now that president Donald Trump instructed that the removal of the US-backed militia from Syria, the SDF is currently working to eliminate the last of these jihadists.

Currently, a majority of the most difficult jihadist fighters are residing in Baghouz, Syria and are at war with the SDF. Reclining on the losing side, recent reports show that the jihadists have now resorted to car bombs and sudden surprise attacks to evade defeat.

Nevertheless, the SDF had already been prepared for a conclusive battle. Their forces with careful planning advanced to Baghouz to avoid sudden landmines by the jihadist. On Sunday the forces even though we’re prepared for surprise attacks did not see the insurgents directly attacking.

Instead, these terrorists played on the defense and attacked the SDF forces with landmines and car bombs. Reports state that Baghouz witnessed several gun battles on both sides, while the SDF carried out aerial attacks too.

The SDF teamed up with the US-led coalition to deploy bombs and artillery shells over the city of Baghouz destroying potential landmines and killing insurgents.

Nevertheless, instead of direct fights, the Jihadists are mostly working on suicide vests and car bombs to slow down the SDF. At present, the SDF contemplates that there are almost several hundred vindictive jihadists hiding at large, and even holding civilians. Hence, the SDF got their hands full. Yet, they are working to capture Baghouz and eliminate as many terrorists as possible.

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