Police Announce Hoax Call after Facebook Receives Bomb Threats in Silicon Valley Campus

All hell broke loose in Facebook’s Silicon Valley Campus as New York Police Department received an anonymous tip about a potential bomb-attack in Silicon Valley. As soon as the message was sent the Police force informed the building residents and ensured that every individual vacated the building. As per reports the police sent in the San Mateo County bomb unit along with high-profile police dogs to look for bombs. After searching the whole location thoroughly and finding nothing, the police announced a hoax call.
Prior to the investigation, the evacuated people were confined to a 3 story facility building.
The spokeswoman the facility, Genevieve Grdina thanked the swift action of the police as the people take matters of security very seriously.
However, luckily the situation was due to a hoax call and nothing more. Nevertheless, the police are still trying to find out the source of the joke and bring forth the perpetrator.

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