Police Reported That Around 40 Norwegian Children Are Born In ISIS Territory

Security services stated that nearly 40 Norwegian children were taken to live inside ISIS’ so called Caliphate in Syria and Iraq or were born there. Around 30 Norwegian men and women are living in Syria, while another 30 have died and 40 have fled. Only a handful of them have returned to Norway, according to Martin Bernsen, senior advisor to the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST). However, the fate of the 40 children who were born in ISIS territory is uncertain.

Precious few of the 30 still remaining “foreign fighters” in the Levant region are being presumed would make it back to Norway. However, among those of who are alive, some are still in contact with their family members in Norway via social media. Security officials are expecting in the event of any attack or terrorist incident it would be carried out by one or two people using a vehicle or an explosive device or a firearm.

Most of the Norwegians who travelled to Syria or Iraq did so in 2013 and were labeled as a blend of Norwegian converts. The last time Norwegians tried to join ISIS was way back in autumn 2017.

Maybe Norway’s most famous ISIS recruits were the Norwegian-Somalian Juma sisters who left for Syria in 2013. Sadaq, their father tracked them down in ISIS territory and in a fruitless effort tried to convince his daughters to return back home with him. Norway has been principally exempted the destiny of its European neighbors, many of whom have ensured from a disastrous series of ISIS-inspired terror assaults.

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