Putin Launches a New Air Defense Missile

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin has unveiled a new air defense missile. Putin said that, the missile is capable of stopping the nuclear weapons that would strike Moscow. Putin has launched the rocket named “Satan” previously which can travel at a speed of more than 20 times to the speed of sound. Satan carries 12 nuclear weapons that can travel a distance of 12,000 miles.

After the incident at Salisbury, Russia is keen on proving its military might over the other countries. Last month in the UK, the former Russian agent, Sergei Skripal was poisoned and Kremlin was held responsible for this incident.

Britain and its allies have expelled 150 Russian diplomats from the 20 different countries. The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow will be expelling out the exact number of diplomats that each country of the west has expelled out.

Putin is hitting back, by showing his military strength to the World. In the video that broadcasted the launch of the new missile showed, the weapons are fired from the Sary Shagan range which is in Kazakhstan. In the meanwhile, Moscow has said that it will disapprove any nuclear attack that will be done on Russia.

The launch of the new missile was done at the Plesetsk spaceport which is mostly snow covered. The place is in the northern Archangel Province of Russia which is close to the Arctic Circle. The Russian President hailed that the new ballistic missile is able to fly over the South and North Poles and can strike any part or target of the world.

Last month, in his state-of-the-nation speech, Putin said that no defense system in the world can be able to withstand the new ballistic intercontinental missile. In such a situation of international tensions, President Donald Trump has invited Vladimir Putin to the White House.


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