Why Qatar Paid $ 5 Million to an Israeli Charity?

A few days ago, there was a tweet in Israeli and Arab social networking sites, written by an Israeli philanthropist named Shimon David, in which he thanked Qatar for donating $5 million to the Israeli Save a Child’s Heart Society.

These thanks have gone beyond great dimensions and have received numerous comments, many of which questioned the country’s motives behind this donation. According to previous reports of Qatari activities toward Israelis, the Qatari government has recently increased its attractiveness to Israelis inside and outside Israel in order to include them in its mobilization against other Gulf or Arab countries, which consider Qatar to be a promoter of extremism and financier of terrorist groups.

The editorial team at Crystals Eyes was in contact with activist David to know the purposes of his thanks. He said his work in the community area was behind this thanks and Save a Child’s Heart is in constant need of such donations to provide medical supplies that support its work. He added: “I care what the Assembly got; I will not interfere in politics and beyond the goals of Qatar.”

He also said “I have noticed the extent of criticism of the Qataris after my blog has spread, maybe these critics are right, and I always hear that the Qatari government funds organizations like Hamas or others, in addition, Al-Jazeera, which operates in Doha, the capital of Qatar, is anti-Semitism… but I will not interfere in politics. In the end, it is up to our nation to decide what to do.”

Why Qatar Paid $ 5 Million to an Israeli Charity?

Does Israel really know that Qatar is a state that relies on double standards and has suspicious ties?

Despite the escalation of the Qatari push towards the Israeli lobbies in the United States and Europe; trying to push them to strengthen the image of Qatar internationally and especially after the proven involvement in supporting terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and ISIS, the official Israeli political establishment was and is still aware of the danger of Qatar and its unstable role in the Middle East. According to sources close to the official Israeli circles: “When watching Al-Jazeera for one hour a day, everyone knows that Qataris, whatever they do, cannot deceive the world that they are not supporters of terrorist entities and persons.”


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