Qatar’s Military Aid Raises Doubts over Terrorism Support in Mali

Oil-rich Gulf state Qatar had showed a special interest in order to learn about the result of the crisis that was brewing in North Mali. On many instances it has been speculated that Qatar might be supporting the Islamist militias as it wants to take control of the Malian capital. So after supporting the terrorist group in Bamako, Qatar’s airlifting of 24 armored vehicles to Mali is being greatly speculated.

Qatar on its part stated that the military help which they are offering to Mali would help Mali to deal with terrorism. Moreover, it wants to prove in front of the international community, that Qatar is interested in taking steps for attaining security for the rest of the nations in the world. The international community has charged Qatar of funding and supporting terrorism.
Since Qatar’s neighboring countries enforced an economic and diplomatic ban on the Gulf state for backing terrorist groups and terrorism, Qatar heightened its efforts to maintain international security.
According to some counterterrorism experts, this move is a thing of concern. Doha is extending its one hand to fight with the terrorist organizations with the help of these vehicles; on the other hand they are also financing the terrorist groups.
News media were shocked on learning this news, as intelligence agencies reported that Qatar is offering full support to terrorist organizations in northern Mali. Reports indicate that Qatar is supporting the Ansar Allah group which maintains a close-tie with the Al-Qaeda terrorist group.
The Qatari vehicles are like a Trojan horse which would help Qatar to get easy access to terrorist groups.
Based on the investigation reports, Qatar, is trying to convince and justify to the international community that Qatar holds an asset that can preserve international security. The armored vehicles are not limited to counter-terrorism in Mali but also extend to help nations of the Sahel African region.
Prince of Qatar visited African nations as Doha is looking forward to find new markets in order to save its economy.

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