Reports Suggest Islamist Extremist Caused 84000 Deaths in 2017 All Over the World

According to the latest news report which traced the roots, effects, and spread of violent extremism, it was found that around 121 groups shared common ideologies. With the common ideologies, the extremist groups are operating all over the world. Moreover, because of their activities, around 84000 people died. Among the 84000 people who died, 22000 are civilians who belonged to 66 different countries.
Former British Prime Minister, the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington DC stated that the Islamist extremism is a global menace and it’s expanding. The Global Extremist Monitor which was organized by Blair’s eponymous non-profit, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change drew reference to hundreds of English Language news articles which reported about the fierce extremism in the year 2017. Around 7841 attacks with an average of 21 attacks per day were reported. In fact, war-torn Syria tops the list. Moreover, Muslims were victims of the deadly attacks.
29 violent Islamist groups were vigorously involved in a conflict in Syria in 2017. The report briefed that ISIS is responsible for 44% of the attacks. Half of all civilian fatalities globally were reported in Syria. Another separate, UN report stated that around 20,000 to 30,000 ISIS fighters are still fighting across Iraq and Syria.
Blair, former PM of Britain called for an international community in order to depend less on the security measures and focus more on soft power and development techniques in order to deal with extremism. During a panel discussion, a representative of Blair stated that his remarks on security and counter measures have been perfectly echoed by rebellion and counterterrorism expert. After all, security measures play a crucial role in order to break down the extremist group.
Fellow panelist Farah Pandith, who served during the Obama administration as the State Department’s first-ever special representative to Muslim communities, stated that the action and investment were very crucial as groups like ISIS expand their recruitment endeavors in order to get operational gain. Hence, it’s important to deal with the ideology of the group first and not the violence only.


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