Researchers Suggest Vaping Is Not So Safe

If you are thinking that vaping is safe and secured than cigarette smoking then you are absolutely wrong. The process of vaping may also raise the risk of having certain type of cancer in your body. It can even create irritation in your body resulting in heart diseases. The nicotine emitted from the electronic cigarettes can be converted into harmful chemicals that damage your heart, lungs and even bladder. It can also dampen the cells in your body that can slow down the genetic repair mechanisms of your body.

Though cancer growing is a slow process in your body still you should stay away from the smoke of the vaping machines whether you are exposed to the smoke or you are directly inhaling the smoke form the machine. Though, the fact is contradicted by researchers that the nicotine is more harmful than the smoke emitted from the e-cigarettes.

The smoke emitted from the tobacco cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals which are known to be dangerous and are cancer causing elements. There are almost 70 elements in a tobacco cigarette that cause cancer in a human body. In contradiction, the vapour that is emitted from the electronic cigarettes contains less toxic chemicals compared to the regular cigarettes. Regular cigarettes are dangerous because it contains nicotine which is mainly the addictive substance present.

If the longs and bladder of a human body is exposed to the harmful smoke of the cigarettes or if they are exposed to the nicotine the human cells tend to break down and it can form tumors in various parts of your body. As a result these tumors turn into carcinogenic tumors in your body.

Cigarette smoking is harmful for all specially those who are addicted to cigarette smoking. E-cigarettes are even more harmful because they do not contain tobacco instead they contain nicotine which directly affects the heart and lungs in your body. If you are addicted to cigarettes you will be vulnerable to many diseases. In case of vaping, it is not responsible for causing major health problems in your body.

It has been found out that those who have switched from cigarette smoking to vaping are less exposed to injurious chemicals.


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