Rights Lawyer Demands Qatar Pay For Supporting Libyan Militias

A lawyer from Libya is requesting the international community to force Qatar from stopping their support for the armed militias in Libya. The lawyer is representing the victims of the violence in Tawergha, a Libyan town.

The lawyer, Siraj al-Tawerghi has stated that Tawergha has now become a ghost town. A part of the city, Misrata, Tawergha has been a site of humanitarian tragedy from 2011. However, the biggest tragedy is that international bodies and even human rights groups have been silent on the matter. This is even more shocking since cases of abuse against the inhabitants of the town are well documented.

Forced displacement is just one of the cases. The children’s rights to education, health and decent living are experiencing widespread violation. Their right to remain safe from murder torture and unlawful imprisonment are also being violated by the armed militias. These militias are, in turn, supported by Qatar.

During a symposium held in Geneva during the 39th session of the International Council of Human Rights, Al-Tawerghi mentioned that the only aim is to help the former residents of Tawergha to return to their homes. They should be able to utilize their legal rights as guaranteed by global conventions and agreements.

Al-Tawergi deplored how the global community is ignoring the human rights abuses in Libya. Libya is witnessing some of the most shocking human rights violations, systematically undertaken by various terror groups.

Al-Tawergi mentioned that all the documents and evidence that show the interference of Turkey and Qatar in Libyan affairs is available. As such, all that needs to be done is to bring those responsible to justice.


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