Under rising violence in Tripoli, sanctions on militias wanted by France

France has told that it wanted the United Nations Security Council to implement sanctions on militias which were involved in clashes which continued for a month between rival parties in Tripoli, which is Libya’s capital. These attacks have undermined the efforts of the United Nations of holding elections there by the end of the year.

Around 115 people have got killed and the number of injuries were 383 in a fight which has thrown the Seventh Brigade or Kaniyat which is from Tarhouna, a town which is located 65 km southeast of Tripoli against the Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade and the Nawasi. These are the largest armed groups in Tripoli.

Tripoli and western Libya are controlled by a United Nations – backed government which is majorly supported by armed groups. Eastern Libya is managed by a rival administration. Since Muammar Gaddafi was toppled in 2011, the country has been in a civil war situation.

French foreign minister, Jean-Yves le Drian told reporters that in the situation of worsening situation of security in Tripoli, there is a responsibility for supporting the Libyans and that would require that they need to be tougher on the people who want to keep the status quo and reap benefits. He also added that the current sanctions taken against the people traffickers in Libya needs to be extended to parts of militias of Tripoli as well.

The UN Security Council Libya sanctions committee had blacklisted militia leader Ibrahim Jathran in September and that subjected him to a global asset freeze and ban on his travel. He had overseen the attack on the oil facilities. Some diplomats have claimed that individual sanctions would limit the effect as they rarely leave Libya.

Previous colonial rulers, Italy and France are in competition to spread their influence in the country which is war-torn and is rich in oil and gas reserves.


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