Russia Iran and Turkey Supports the New Syria Constitution Body but Fails to Agree On Makeup

On Tuesday Russia, Turkey, and Iran, who are backing the main sides in Syria’s complicated civil war, failed to agree on the layout of a U.N.-sponsored Syrian Constitutional Committee. However, they urged it be summoned to early next year to start a feasible peace process.

During a joint statement that was announced by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after the trio met the U.N. Syria peace envoy Staffan de Mistura in Geneva, stated that a new drive would be guided by a sense of compromise and constructive engagement.

The foreign ministers of the three countries had dreamed to seal their joint suggestion on a committee that would guide elections and might even get the blessings of the U.N. for it.

However, the statement made by the three had no mention of the structure of the panel, signalling to the ongoing discord over lists of candidates presented by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as well as his rebel members.

Mevlut Cavusoglu, while addressing the Turkish state media, stated that only the three superpowers had made crucial efforts to the formation of the panel and that referred names were being evaluated. He further stated that the UN would be obviously carrying out necessary steps on the names nominated in the coming days.

De Mistura, also made it evident that the three powers had not secured a working or functional political forum yet, after years of failed endeavours to end a war which has killed over hundreds of thousands of people and dislodged around half of Syria’s pre-war 22 million population.

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