Russia to Move Missile Systems to Syria, Warns Israel of Consequences If Attacked

Russia may supply advanced S-300 missile systems to Syria in the coming weeks according to sources in the Russian military. It has also warned Israel of catastrophic consequences if the nation decided to attack these systems.

Experts believe that Israel will not like any decision that supplies missiles to Syria. They may even conduct bombing runs on the areas where the missiles are deployed. Israel has reportedly requested Russia not to provide S-300s to the Syrian military.

However, recently, Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, stated that the Kremlin was yet to take a decision on whether the missiles will be delivered. He added that if it does decide to send, Russia is not going to keep the matter a secret.

Previously, Lavrov stated that military strikes by Western countries in Syria had eliminated any moral obligation Moscow had of withholding the missile systems from Syria, which is its ally.

Lavrov stated that it needs to be seen what decisions are taken by the Russian leadership as well as the Syrian representatives. He mentioned that there is no secrecy regarding the provision of the missile systems. As such, announcements will be made as and when the decision is taken.

Lavrov also stated that Russia had talked with US officials about the areas in Syria that were red lines for Russia. These talks took place before the US strikes on Syria. Those lines were not crossed by the US during its military action.


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