Russia and Turkey Form Secret Ties Over Syrian War

Sweeping territorial gains are being made by the Turkish troops in Northern Syria. These gains are fueling the speculations that Moscow and Ankara are working together secretly to gain more control over the war.

Some sections of the media in Turkey reported that on Tuesday the main part of the Tel Rifaat city which is in Northern Syria has been encircled. After this more than 100 Russian police officers were pulled out from the area which allowed the members and soldiers of the Free Syrian Army to enter freely into that area.

Ankara did not confirm this yet and the news sources in Arab said that the fall of the Tel Rifaat is imminent. The negotiations are still going on. The military analyst commented on the latest developments where they suggested that Russia is surrendering its control over the area which is a betrayal towards the Kurdish soldiers who have protected them once.

The Kurdish fighter told the Arab media that, signals are not clear whether some countries a playing a secret double game or not which involves swapping of territories and selling out the factions of guerilla which they have supported earlier. The countries are indulging themselves in such practices to strengthen their foothold in the other nations.

Since Moscow intervened in the matters of Syrian war in September 2015, the relations between Russia and Turkey has started to fluctuate. Moscow did this to support the President Bashar Assad’s regime. That year in November, in Syria, a Russian fighter plane was shot down by Turkey. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in July 2016 apologized for this action and the relations between the two countries began to melt.


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