Russian and Syrian forces ‘weaponised healthcare’ by intentionally ambushing ambulances in civil war

According to several researchers’ analysis of data submitted by individual reports, it was discovered that more than 200 planned attacks were carried out on 243 ambulances by Russia and Syria.
These attacks as planted were deliberate and conducted to showcase Russia and Syria’s upper hand in the ongoing civil war; with 60% of the attacks led by the Syrian forces and 29% involving Russians. The researchers further stated, dehumanizing, terrorizing and demoralizing the healthcare units helps these powers instill fear in the healthcare facilities. This morbid act is done to prevent healthcare providers to aid forces during the war-promoting more deaths.
Most of the acts of terror are speculated to be carried out by rebel forces of Damascus, Aleppo, and Idlib. Now, reporters state that the targeting of ambulances by the Syrian Government is nothing new. In fact, today it has become the very theme of Syria.
Previous records itself claim that ever since the onset of the conflict in Syria, numerous healthcare units were attacked; in fact, Physicians for Human Rights noted 542 medical sites ambushed till date. Calculations state 490 attacks conducted were engineered by the Russian and Syrian govt.
While the rest were a result of rebel groups along with US-led coalitions. A concrete proof of their engineered attacks was the statement of Dr. Zaher Sahloul, the president of Med Global. He claims being attacked numerous times by the armed forces which forced his team to go underground for delivering medical treatment.
In his 12 times he visited Syria, the country treated medical sites with contempt and this led to numerous refugees and half of its population escaping. The doctor further claimed the people and medical sites became puppets of the Syrian forces. After all, if a war raged on and medical help was there, people still stayed. But, with the rebels crashing medical sites, it’s not a shock that refugees and civilians are running for their lives.

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