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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Answers Back Houthi’s Notorious Terrorism

The Arab coalition has confirmed to the media that they have intercepted the second Houthi drone recently which was meant to Abha in Saudi Arabia. The drone is said to have been launched from Sanaa in Yemen.

Finally, Saudi Arabia has shown its muscle power. Despite boasting of the world’s third-largest military budget, the Saudis’ could not deter Houthi attacks earlier. Their Patriot missile-defense system has said to have performed inconsistently in the face of mounting Houthi attacks.

Right now, the Houthis are open about their attacks and continue to not hide their involvement in these acts of terrorism. The coalition had already intercepted a drone targeting Jazan in Saudi Arabia.Col. Turki Al-Malikii is the coalition’s spokesman and has reassured that civilian safety is a priority for the Arab coalition and the repeated Houthi attacks that are now becoming failed attempts show their desperation and is looking like an indication of them “losing their ground.”

Houthis are arms up against Saudi Arabia. One reason for this is their support to their biggest defense ally, Iran. Iran has its vested interests in using extremist militia worldwide and thus funding them.

With tension escalating in the Iranian region, political analysts feel that Iran will continue to rely on its network of proxy and militia groups like Houthi rebels to strike out against its adversaries, including the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

An attack last week involved several drones that crashed into the parking area of the Abha airport in Saudi Arabia. That attack killed a Syrian national and wounded seven other people.

The Houthis shamelessly and boldly claimed responsibility for the attack, with spokesman Yahia al-Sarie noting that the rebels had deployed drones against the airports in Abha as well as Jizan. A June 13 cruise missile strike by the Houthis against the same airport in Abha injured 26 people.

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