Saudi Woman Seeks Legal Action against Qatari and Iranian Sites

A woman from Saudi Arabia has threated to undertake legal action against Qatari and Iranian sites for using her picture and name in reports about arrests take place in Saudi Arabia. She has stated that a few sites and channels based in Qatar and Iran had published news articles related to the arrest of Nouf Abdul Aziz, an activist. However, those sites made use of the name and photos of the woman, who is known as Nouf Abdul Aziz Al Ghamdi.

She went on to state that she will be reporting the sites as well as the people involved with those sites to the attorney general. Al Ghamdi is a strategic management designer and the president of the Chief Outsiders Company. She revealed these facts on Twitter.

One Twitter user replied to her post encouraging her to follow through with her decision. She should fight against the claims of the sites and channels, which include the infamous Al Jazeera channel.

Al Ghamdi also stated that the aims of these media were to abuse women in Saudi Arabia and to exploit them to minimize the incredible achievements of Saudi Arabia.

In the previous month, it was announced by Saudi Arabia that many people, in the country, had been arrested for having suspicious contacts with foreign entities. Some of them even offered financial support to what has been term as hostile elements overseas.


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