Say No to Harassment: Hollywood Women are Fighting Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment has always been a part of Hollywood and the last year witnessed the revelation of many powerful names who had committed sexual offences. The women associated with Hollywood have stood up against this heinous crime. They are working hard to make Hollywood and the world free from the clutches of sexual violence. The group includes many famous personalities like Ashley Judd, Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes and Jill Soloway. The signers are trying to reduce the persistent gender gap which prevailed in the industry and are also supporting the low-income women who have raised their voice against harassment in order to respond to the numerous public reports of assault and harassment.

Future Plans of the Group

The group plans to create a legal defense fund which will be supervised by the National Women’s Law Center. This fund will help the low-income sexual harassment survivors. Lena Waithe who belongs to another working group focuses on amplifying the voices of the people who belong to the LGBT community. Time’s Up plans to champion the legislation so that the companies which do not take the necessary steps against sexual harassment are penalized and the nondisclosure agreements are discontinued.  The group has an official website which provides information regarding the identification and report of sexual harassment.

How to Get Sexual Harassment Reported?

Women have always raised their voices regarding sexual harassment and many campaigns have been conducted earlier to help the survivors. A spreadsheet containing the reports of sexual assault and harassment had been circulated among the women but it had failed to reach many women. It has been suggested that a hotline could be beneficial for collecting and sharing information across different industries. A centralized body will be required to collect, verify and take the necessary actions on the reports which have been made on the hotline.

Say No to Harassment: Hollywood Women are Fighting Sexual Harassment

Actions Performed by the Group

The women in the group are looking into the reports of the sexual misconduct which have been reported against the US President Donald Trump. Rep. Jackie Speier and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand are trying to help the women of the congregation who have reported sexual offences.

Protests by the Farm Workers

A group of about seven hundred thousand female farmworkers have written an open letter which expressed their solidarity with the actresses and the women who had reported sexual misconduct. They have claimed that numerous farm workers suffer sexual harassment in silence because they are subjected to sexual harassment at work. Time’s Up is inspired to include the women who are not associated with Hollywood and the farmworkers in its efforts because of the letter.  The Time’s Up women are using their privileges to fight sexual harassment.

The group of women has grabbed a lot of attention and will surely be able to do something for the women who are not so privileged. What do you think?


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