Security Sources Confirm That Islamic State Mutineers Storms Northeast Nigerian Town

On Monday evening, Islamic State West Africa (ISWA) militia invaded the town of Rann in northeastern Nigeria. According to some security sources, this action comes as a big blow to President Buhari’s attempts to crush the rebels just weeks before the national elections take place.
In 2015, Buhari was given the control with the commitment to overthrow the Boko Haram Islamist rebellion, from which ISWA got bifurcated in 2016. Since that time, ISWA became the leading group in Nigeria’s northeast. However, the rising number of attacks revives or better be said reopens the discussion around security in the upcoming elections that are slated to take place on 16th February.
During the ISWA offensive, Nigerian government forces fled, along with the residents of the town. It was also confirmed that the militia while invading the town was setting buildings on fire.
One of the military sources stated that the rebels occupied Rann and the military forces of the town were pulling back.
Moreover, ISWA initiated a line of attacks last month, which saw ISWA storming the town of Baga, the Nigerian headquarters of a multi-nation force created by Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, and Niger in order to combat the extremists. During the last assault, more than 30,000 people escaped the town.
Last week, the military started a counter-attack and reclaimed the town, stating that it had given ISWA a strong punch or defeat. However, the attack by the Nigerian military didn’t dampen the spirits of the rebels. Security sources stated that the army has lost the zeal, with hundreds of their soldiers killed, and is suffering from low morale and a lack of ammunition.

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