Series of Defeats Can Force Isis to Lose Its Last Stronghold

Hundreds and thousands of suicide bombers and 4000 fighters belonging to Isis are preparing to contend Hajin in eastern Syria. Hajin, a small city in Syria located along the Euphrates River and close to the border with Iraq. The town of Hajin is the last stronghold of the Islamic State. Isis is regarded as the militarized Islamic cult which used to control a vast territory as big as Great Britain.

The struggle to keep Hajin comes exactly after a year of Isis suffering a massive defeat from Iraq. Basically, the Iraqi forces assisted by a US-led coalition captured Mosul on 10th July 2017. Mosul used to be stronghold of Isis till 2017.

Currently, a huge number of anti-Isis forces are heading towards Hajin which is located in the Deir ez-Zor province. This information was given by a local person who escaped the Kurdish held territory.

An Arabic teacher who used to live in Bahara, a northern neighbor of Hajin stated that he got to learn that almost 200 child suicide bombers are working with Isis or Daesh. The child suicide bombers are referred as Lion Clubs in Hajin. However, in the town of Hajin, there are almost 4000 Isis present till now. Also, 35,000 people are still living in this territory. However, he came to learn from his relatives that the Daesh officials have dug deep tunnels in order to hide and keep themselves protected from the aerial attack.

Some sources believe that the efforts to siege Hajin might take even more. Unlike the siege of Raqqa which took four-month, Hajin might take even longer. Airstrikes have become a common thing in Hajin. However, serious ground attacks needs to be taken in order to capture Hajin.

Many Isis fighters surrendered to the authorities. It is assumed that the series of defeats faced by Isis, they might have become demoralized. Hence, they might not put up a brave fight to defend Hajin. This, in turn, can bring an end to the age-old war.


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