Shooting at YouTube’s Headquarters

A female, who is suspected to be a shooter was found dead in the headquarters of YouTube at San Bruno, Califf. As the incident of shooting got over, the employees of YouTube started to tweet around 1 in the afternoon. The employees said that the law enforcement brought the situation under control. A self-inflicted gunshot was the reason of death for the female shooter. Three other women in their mid-twenties and mid-thirties were wounded by the gunshots and were taken to the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

The technological industry is rattled by such an event. These industries have been working in a peaceful atmosphere in the silent peninsular region for a long time. President Donald Trump tweeted about the incident and the traffic on the nearby freeways was stopped for a few hours. The Silicon Valley is the home of many biggies like Apple, Facebook, Hewlett Packard and Alphabet.

The police confirmed that the name of the shooter who died was Nasim Aghdam. She was a 39-year-old woman. The local news station said that her target was her boyfriend who worked at YouTube.A self-inflicted gunshot killed the shooter.The San Bruno Police Department is investigating the reasons behind such an incident. A statement by the police department read, the shooter did not target any individual, not the victims were known earlier to the shooter

The tech companies other than Youtube which operates in the Silicon Valley showed support towards the wounded victims by tweeting. The CEO’s of Apple Tim Cook, Twitter Jack Dorsey, and Amazon Jeff Bezos showed their despair over the tragic incident.

Hoax tweets came from the account of an employee of YouTube, Vadim Lavrusik who is a product manager at Youtube. Other false tweets flooded the platform just after the shooting incident occurred.


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