Six Lose Life in Mali After Islamist Militants Attack African Military Base

The headquarters of an African military taskforce had been raided by the Islamist militants. The militants were carrying explosives and rockets and around six people had lost their lives in the raid which took place in Mali. The assailants were driving a vehicle rigged with bombs ad had attacked the compound located in the town of Sevare. The incident took place after some exchange of gunfire with the Malian troops.

Pictures from the scene have revealed the remains of a charred vehicle, battered walls of the building and a crater. A spokesman of the G5 force mentioned that two soldiers and four assailants had lost their lives. The G5 force comprised soldiers from Burkina Faso, Mali, Chad, Niger and Mauritania. Extremism watchdog SITE which looks after the global militant activity mentioned that the Al Qaeda’s branch in Mali had taken up the responsibility of the attack and it was described as suicide bombing.

The attack takes place one month before the presidential election of Mali and violence by the Islamist militants had proliferated in the less-populated region of Sahel in the recent years. The groups linked to the Islamic State and Al Qaeda were using northern and central Mali to launch an attack in the region.

Western powers like the United States and France had provided significant funds to the G5 in order to beat back the terrorists. The force has not really been successful in curbing the jihadi attacks and suffered due to delay in disbursing the money and lack of coordination among the five countries.

The French Defense ministry stated that around 14 assailants had lost their lives when a group of around 20 militants clashed with a detachment of the French forces with the Malian commandos. The clash required helicopter support and it led to the destruction of many materials, light and heavy weapons.


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