Snapchat’s Redesign faces backlash

Snapchat has come up with a new update that is being lambasted by many of its users. The users have said that due to the new update the app is difficult to navigate. More than 590,000 people have signed the petition by and asked the company to remove the new update. Others who have the have uninstalled it and installing it again. They are turning off the automatic update option. But this is being not advised by the Snapchat team.

The team at Snapchat said they are working on the app and planning to add new features, this would attract more users to join in last November. Evan Spiegel, the founder and CEO of Snapchat agreed that Snapchat is hard to understand. Snapchat is very popular among the teens and youth. Previously there was a page were contents got featured from friends, publisher and celebrities in the same page. But now this has changed. Now there is a different page for publishers and a different page for friends. The new revamped version of the app was used by over 40 million users. Currently there are 187 million daily users on Snapchat.  Snapchat stories which are photos and videos shared by users disappear after 24 hours. These stories now will be mixed with direct messages and Individual snaps. The Snapchat Spokesperson said that such different updates take time to settle down with the users. But as soon as the users are habituated they will enjoy the update.

Whenever new and difficult updates have been installed in popular applications they have faced backlashes from the people using it. When Facebook changed its layout and redesigned its site, it faced heavy criticism from its users. Groups such as “Petition Against the New Facebook” and “1,000,000 Against the New Facebook Layout” were formed which had one million members each to support the backlash. But Facebook did not change its layout. According to some analysts, Snapchat’s new update will turn off the key user base that belongs to the group of teens and young adults.  Some argue that the new update will bring in new users while other say that Snapchat will lose its user base drastically. Daniel Ives, the chief strategy officer and head of the technology research at GBH Insights said that the redesign for Snap was much needed as the complexity and the nature of the app was having major issues with the advertisers. Ives also said that the update has come on the time right because it’s high time for Snapchat to boost its engagement among the users and its growth in advertisement. According to a report by Snapchat last week, the sales of the app and user growth have topped that Wall Street expectation


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