South Sudan Rebel Leader and President Meet in Order to Have Peace Talks

The rebel leader and President of Sudan made their first meeting since 2016. The meeting took place when a peace deal fell apart and fighting resumed between their forces. President of Sudan Salva Kiir met the leader of the rebel forces Riek Machar in order to discuss peace. Ethiopia had always tried to ensure a good relationship between the two leaders because the country could not withstand the suffering which took place in South Sudan.

Ethiopia felt that by working hard a peaceful future could be ensured. PM Abiy Ahmed had hosted dinner for the president and rebellious leader of Sudan in order to sort the issue. The Ethiopian government had played a major role in ending the five year old civil war which has claimed the lives of thousands of people and had forced millions to leave their country.  The oil-producing nation had obtained its independence from Sudan in 2011 but the fighting broke out within two years.

Kiir and Machar had met individually with the Ethiopian President before the trio sat down for a meeting. The Ethiopian government played an important role in the regional bloc IGAD’s unsuccessful peace process for South Sudan. The deal collapsed in 2016 when Machar returned to Juba and it led to the resumption of fighting between his forces and the army which claimed many lives.

The two sides were encouraged to sign on a sustainable peace agreement in order to maintain peace in the country.  The South Sudanese Civil Society Forum mentioned that the nationhood and collective future of the country is at stake and it is important that the two leaders reconciled with one other in order to ensure peace.


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