After Staying for 5 Years with ISIS in Syria Kidnapped Brother Gets Reunited with Mother Back Home

On 20th June 2014, Felicia Perkins-Ferreira from Trinidad was completely shattered when she found that two of her sons were missing. She learned the location of her first son six months later when she got a WhatsApp message from her husband. She learned that her husband has kidnapped their sons Mahmud and Ayub, who is now aged 11 and 17. Her husband after kidnapping their sons took then to Syria, where he himself became a fighter of the Islamic State.
However, on 21st January, Perkins-Ferreira got reunited with her sons, with the help of a former American Islamic State bride and a human rights lawyer. Trinidadian authorities were not able to help Perkins-Ferreira in locating her sons, for three years. In fact, she left the hope of again seeing her sons. In late 2017, the situation changed. Her sons, Mahmud and Ayub were in Raqqa, the effective capital of the Islamic State, with their father and his new wife, who was a Belgian national. As the battle escalated, the father sent away his wife and children with people smugglers, wishing they would cross the border and land up in Turkey. However, the smugglers deserted the boys, aged 6 and 10 then.
Clive Stafford-Smith, the human rights lawyer who traced the boys’ home town, reported that he found them by the side of a road in the middle of Syria. The SDF [Syrian Democratic Forces] picked these boys up and took them to Camp Roj in North Eastern Syria. He traced down Felicia Perkins-Ferreira down to Trinidad, but there was still a problem of how to get the boys out of Camp Roj, especially as the Trinidadian government was not able to help because it didn’t have any resources.
Enter Roger Waters, a singer and bassist from popular rock band Pink Floyd, who has worked with Stafford-Smith on many projects decided to help. After hearing the plight of the boys, he decided to offer all kind of finances so that they could return. He even funded the flight fare for Perkins-Ferreira so that she can fly to Geneva, Switzerland, and then along with the boys’ mother flew to Iraq on a private plane that was chartered by the Pink Floyd singer. After battling with Iraqi administration, Perkins-Ferreira was able to reunite with her sons in the Syrian Kurdish administrative capital, Qamishli.

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