To Strengthen Its Army, Pakistan Is Acquiring 600 New Tanks

To bridge the gap with Indian forces in case of a conventional war, Pakistan is trying to procure 600 Tanks.
According to Intel, Russian T-90 tanks are in that purchase list of the country. Along with that, Pakistan Army is trying to introduce Ukrainian Oplod-P tanks and Chinese VT-4 tanks to its Army. The main motto of buying this battle equipment is to strengthen combating power of the army in the India-Pak border.
The tanks, on which Pakistan has set its eyes, can hit the target from 3-4 km distance. Some of these tanks are said to be deployed in the line of control in Jammu and Kashmir. This news has come at such a year which saw heavy fire exchange between the countries.
This intelligence report is a blow to the slow-moving modernization plans of the Indian army. The T-90 tanks that Pakistan is trying to buy are the backbone of the Indian armoured regiment. The move to buy the tank from Russia is another setback for India, as Russia is the main supplier of defence equipment of post-independent India. This intel has all but exposed the intent of Pakistan to forge a strong relationship with Russia.
The relationship between Russia and Pakistan has not bloomed suddenly. Both the countries have been conducting military practices for the last few years. This was already making India a bit perturbed.
The intel of tank purchasing has deepened the level of concern for the Indian Army.
According to the sources, Pakistan is also purchasing 245 150mm SP Mike-10 guns. They have already received 120 guns of the total shipment. Pakistan is also trying to build 220 tanks indigenously. The intelligence report says that China is going to help Pakistan in building those tanks.
The news hit the Indian army at a time when the 60,000 crores worth Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle Program of the Indian Army is stuck in the red tapes.

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