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Sudan’s Civilian Leadership Has A Rough Road To Travel

The common man of Sudan is looking forward to being independent and free. But the establishment of a government with civilian representation will not be easy. For one the people who are coming to represent a government has little or no experience in running the show.

A constitutional declaration is definitely being made, but the generals that form a part of the government are not going to be all that supportive and maybe looking for a way to ‘corner the civilian population’ after all. From September, the civilian population will (finally) be on their own, without any Al-Bashir kind of hegemony nor complete military rule.

Political analysts are right in saying that Sudan has a tough battle at its hand now.

With politicians that have been sidelined for too long, coming back into action might be difficult for them. Most of them, (sadly so), have literally zero experience in running the state. Then there is an armed opposition to deal with, who does not know how to run a peaceful government and would rather rely on gun power only.

Undeniably, establishing democracy after several years of autocratic rule will be like learning to walk again. For one, the new civilian rulers will have to ‘shield their new regime from a potential military coup anywhere down the road’.

They will have to focus on maintaining their unity and the popular acceptance of their authority. People have long suffered and don’t have the patience anymore. But a sense of good governance (if it prevails) will become a source for the legitimacy of their power. Losing the people’s support means the military, and the Islamists who are left out will take them for a free ride.

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