Suicide Bomber Kills 26 near Shi’ite Shrine

On Wednesday, near the Shi’ite shrine in Kabul a suicide bomber blew himself up which killed nearly 26 people and wounded 18. Nawruz holiday was being celebrated in Kabul which marks the beginning of the Persian New Year.

The deputy interior ministry spokesman of Afghanistan, Nasrat Rahimi said that the bomber has blown himself up near Kart-e Sakhi shrine. This place has earlier witnessed many militant attacks. This latest explosion in the city of Kabul revealed that it is constantly under the threat of militant attacks in-spite of the government promising that it will tighten its security measures. In January an attack killed nearly 100 people.

The blast on Wednesday was another incident of blast taking place serially near Shi’ite targets in Kabul. The blast happened when people were walking away from the shrine which is near the main university in the city.

Nawruz is an ancient Persian celebration which is done on the onset of spring. It is celebrated in Afghanistan widely. But this celebration has faced criticism from the fundamentalist Muslims, who considers these kinds of celebration as un-Islamic.


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