Support for Muslim Brotherhood Causes Friction between Qatar and its Neighbors

It has been one year since the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain had severed ties with Qatar. The demands and principles that have been set up by the Quartet to re-establish diplomatic relations have not conceded. The four countries have cut off their ties with Doha because of its alleged support and association with terrorist organizations.
They have also mentioned that Qatar was closely linked to Iran which had been accused of poking its nose in the affairs of the Arab countries and had been behind the terrorist’s plots. Amidst the crisis, Qatar has managed to establish diplomatic relations with Iran. A major cause behind the boycotting of Qatar was the country’s association and support for the Muslim Brotherhood which had been outlawed as a terrorist organization by the other four countries. The four countries claim that Qatar should reduce the diplomatic ties with Iran and also sever its ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist groups like Lebanon’s Tehran-backed Hezbollah. The four countries have also demanded the shutting down of state-owned Al Jazeera news channel and the other media houses which have provided a platform to the extremists including the Al Qaeda. Another demand made by the countries is that Qatar should expel the Turkish troops who are stationed in the country and pay for the damages which had been caused due to its policies. Over the past few years, each of the four Arab countries had its own share of grievances against Doha. Saudi Arabia is extremely worried about Qatar’s growing association with Iran and Saudi Arabia feels that the relationship had been interfering in the affairs of the other countries and was supporting the terrorist groups in Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq.


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