The Survivors of the Fireball Still Tormented Year after the Deadliest Attack

More than thousands are still suffering the aftershocks of Somalia attack which is considered to be the deadliest till date. Near about 600 Somalis were killed in the suicide bombing which have made a history and will remain in all the residents hearts forever. A truck which was full of bomb exploded when it was heading towards the base of troops from Africa at the center of the Mogadishu, capital of Somali. The blast happened just next to a fuel truck which made the explosion disastrous. It created a storm of flame which burned the victims of the explosion. Other than this, two other car bombs also detonated in the city.

The Somali attack is the deadliest to hit the country which has experienced a quarter century of the clan conflict, civil war, and Islamist violence. Event many of those who were even far from the epicenter of the explosion are till now reeling from the after effects. Most of the families are suffering till now because they were dependent on the members who have lost their lives in the explosion. 32 children have been grabbed by poverty because they have lost their father on the attack of Somalia. They cannot afford to go to school, they cannot give the rent for their shelter and they cannot afford to get medicines too. Al Shabaab, the islamist insurgency, was blamed for the blasts. The government executed a militant who was found guilty by the military court on the anniversary of the explosion in Somalia. He was also found to be a participant in the plot for the attack as well. Hundreds of the Somalis gathered at the site of the blast to commemorate the first anniversary of the explosion and they all wore red and white headbands to mark the day.


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