Suspected Qatari Officer Arrested in Yemen for Supporting the Houthis

In Yemen, a Qatari intelligence officer has been arrested because there were suspicions that he was collaborating with the Houthis. The Yemeni government had announced the arrest in the media. Muhsin al-Karbi had been arrested on the grounds of being associated with the Houthis and he had tried to escape from Yemen through a cargo port. The al-Mahra port connects Yemen to the Sultanate of Oman.

The authorities of Qatar have announced Karbi’s arrest a statement was made with the Qatari National Human Rights Committee and the committee had stated that he arrested had been visiting his family in Yemen. A dozen Yemeni children had been saved from a Houthi attack which was conducted in a rehabilitation center for the child soldiers.

It was located 173 kilometers to the northeast region of Sana. Two Katyusha rockets had been targeted to the rehab and it had caused huge material damage. The children were filled with fear and panic because they were undergoing social and psychological rehabilitation.


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