At Syria Checkpoint, a Suicide Bomber Bangs into US Supported Forces

On Monday, a suicide bomber drove his car straight and banged into a checkpoint in northeastern Syria and wounded several soldiers of Kurdish-led forces during a joint convoy with U.S. allies.
The assault occurred on the western edge of Shadadi town in Hasaka province near a route that is visited by the U.S.-led coalition fighting Islamic State, according to some residents and sources.
In a tweet, the coalition forces stated that a convoy with allied Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) was involved in an assault, but there were no reports of American casualties.
After the explosion that took place around 11 a.m., coalition planes flew above. The source also stated that he came to learn that several fatalities including Kurdish soldiers, coalition troops and civilians were reported.
Islamic State-allied news agency stated that a suicide bomber struck a joint U.S.-SDF convoy but did not mention casualties.
The SDF stated there had only been substance damage, but admitted that the ultra-strict militants were extending attacks, calling it post-defeat phase measures after being thrown out from most territory they used to control in Syria.
The SDF in a statement stated that the escalating of the terrorist attacks as well as moving sleeping cells to attack won’t divert them from completing their mission. Footage that was circulating on social media displayed a burning military vehicle with metal pieces spread near the checkpoint.
Residents stated that there has been an increase in attacks over recent months on SDF checkpoints within enfolds of the territory it manages in northeast Syria on the border with Turkey, down the Euphrates River towards the border with Iraq.
Animosity is escalating against the SDF by the chiefly Arab population in the huge areas of eastern Syria they govern, with many opposing to compulsory induction of youths and bigotry in top leadership layers.

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