Syria Still Has Big Risks, In Spite Of a Silence in the Northwest: UN

War for over seven and half years have left most remaining rebel forces cased into the northwestern province of Idlib. Neighboring nations, Russia and Turkey, hatched a plan for de-escalation for Idlib that almost stalledana offensive Syrian government that would have been caused a humanitarian calamity, said the UN. The last two months have been the quietest in five years in Idlib with absolutely no air raids.
The UN humanitarian adviser, Jan Egeland, stated that there is still swelling along the perimeters of the province and the civilians of about 2 to 3 million and more than 12,000 humanitarian workers there did not know if at all the lull would be held or not.
The UN humanitarian adviser said that there are many signs of bad things which can happen unless there are breakthroughs further in the negotiations with the numerous armed groups inside. Both turkey and Russia have said that they would go to long lengths so that they can avoid the military actions if their positions were not attacked. He also said that Jordan, Russia, and the United States had coordinated to calm the conflict so that the convoy can be allowed into the camp, where the situation was horrific, and the priority at present was a deal to remove six armed groups that are operating in the area.
Jan Egeland added that there should be a new version which did not take away the land from civilians, an awareness campaign, and suspension of implementation in the meantime, while Russia supports that work. Some Syrian cities like Stalingrad or Dresden were smashed and there was not much to return to as well.

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