In Syria, US and Coalition Forces Enhance Strikes Against ISIS

The United States and coalition forces have enhanced the artillery and air strikes against the Islamic fighters present in Syria. The strike rates have been enhanced by 300 percent since March. The Syrian Democratic Forces had launched the second phase of Operation Roundup in order to remove the ISIS fighters from Syria-Iraq border region and middle Euphrates River valley. This information had been given by Col. Thomas Veale, a spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve.

Phase 1 of the operation had ended on May 14th when the town of Baghuz had been secured by the SDF forces. The Phase 2 would focus on securing the town of Dashisha. Iraqi and the coalition forces supported SDF forces with 225 cross-border artillery and air strikes in the month of May. Veale had mentioned that 304% increase had been observed in March and 123% increase had been observed in April.

Veale had mentioned that they along with their partners had pounded the remnants of ISIs from the air and ground in a pursuit. The morale of ISIS is low and the leaders are trying their level best to save their lives. He had stressed on the important role which has been played by the Iraqi Security Forces apart from providing security at the Iraq-Syria border. Veale also mentioned that the planning capability of the Iraqi forces was improving with time. He stated that the mission would continue until the ISIS remnants were obliterated.


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