Syrian Civilians facing Miserable Situation after Fleeing from Rebels

The Syrian Civil War forced almost 271,800 people to flee their homes and take refuge in camps. However, the camps in which the civilians have taken refuge are in battered state. According to UN officials most of the camps are lying in the borders of Jordan and Israel, where millions of people are staying.

Civilians from the Derra province who are covered by the de-escalation agreement have been able to run away from the rebel-held town and villages. Russian air-power has been helping the pro-government troops in their action to drive off rebels. The country is in a state of complete chaos. People have become desperate and want to live the country by any means. They are ready to face the risk of airstrikes but they don’t want to stay anymore in Syria.

Civilians fear the government offensive that has been taking place in Deera for the last couple of days. According to a report published by a monitoring agency of Human Rights in Syria, almost 100 civilians got killed since the Syrian government started to act against the rebels. According to sources, thousands of people who are fleeing the city are sleeping under trees and inside their car in fields. Many civilians are lacking the basic necessities such as water in order to endure the heat. It resulted in the death of two women, at least 12 children, and one elderly man near the Jordanian borders.

More than 164,000 displaced people are camping near the Quneitra border and around 60,000 are camping near the Nasib-Jaber border in Jordan.

Lately, Jordan and Israel echoed that they would close their borders for refugees despite receiving pleas from the refugee Agency of UN. Israel doesn’t have any diplomatic relationship with Syria or they have any asylum policy for the refugees coming from the conflicted areas. Similarly, Jordan finds the fighting forces are at fault for the condition of refugees.

Presidnt of Syria stated that the operation carried out by the government is against the terrorist factions. Hence, it wants to eliminate the strong foothold of rebels from Derra. However, the conflict led to the largest refugee crisis in the modern history forcing civilians to leave the country.


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