Syrian Military Begins Air Defenses Near Israeli Golan

The Syrian military had recently deployed additional air defenses near their border with Israel. This initiative had been taken in spite of the heightened tensions which were created because of the presence of Iran in Syria. The Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s forces have also planned to set up more anti-aircraft weapons in the region within a short span of time.

The deployment had been announced a few days after the Israeli Defense Forces had started a surprise exercise on the Israeli Golan Heights. The military had mentioned that the exercise had no connection with the current events but it was an event which had been planned long ago and was a part of the 2018 training schedule.

The air defense reinforcement comprised the deployment of the Russian-made Pantsir S-1 system and the commander had mentioned that it was done to renew their air defense system against Israel. Israeli Air Force had destroyed a SA-22 air defense system after the Iranian forces had launches 32 rockers at different Israeli military positions on the Golan Heights. After weeks of threat and retaliation for the Israeli strikes, the IRGC’s al-Quds Force launched 32 rockets at the Golan Heights border. Four rockets were shot down while the others fell in the Israeli territory.

In retaliation, the Israeli jets fired dozens of missiles at the Iranian targets in Syria and a large number of Iranian air defense systems were destroyed. A large number of Syrian anti-aircraft weapons were also destroyed by Israel after an Iranian drone carrying explosives entered the Israeli airspace. The aircraft was soon shot down and Israel launched a counter attack on the T-4 air base which is located in central Syria.

In both the cases, Israel had fired on the air defense system of Syria which has attacked the IAF jets.


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