Syrians Are Returning Home After a Month Long Military Operation

Tens of thousands of Syrians are returning back to their home in southern Syria after a ceasefire deal that took place between the government and the rebels. According to some source, the ceasefire deal between the rebels and the government regime aided by Russia ended the two-weeks of deadly gun battle and bombardment.

Amidst the deadly air-strikes on two key areas, the ceasefire deal that was supposed to be held between the government and the rebels got postponed. On 4th July, 2018, when the rebels obliged to accept the demand of the government, the pro government along with the Russian forces increased their bombardment. However, later on 5th July the rebels put forward their wish to get ready for the talks with the government.

Since the government launched attack against the rebels the UN humanitarian co-coordinator in Jordan, more than 320,000 people started to flee their home. According to the United Nations, people left their home and started to live on the camps which were put across the border with Jordan.

However, once ceasefire deal has been reached, many people are returning back to their home. According to a Britain based observatory, since the Syrian war, 60,000 people who hit the roads along the Jordanian frontier are heading back to their homes located in the eastern and western province.

Reason for the War

It has been pointed out that the provinces of Deraa and Quneitra remained relatively calm for a year because of ‘de-escalation’ agreement. However, President Bashar-al-Assad remained determined to take back the control of Deraa that borders Jordan and the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. Well, the protest in these areas sparked the civil war in Syria.

However, since the ceasefire deal announced by the rebels, people started to return back, The Observatory pointed that the  forces of the regime took full control of some areas like Nassib, where makeshifts tents had been set up.

According to sources, the return of the Syrians would be continuing till a little bit of normalcy is achieved in the area.


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