Aleksander Čeferin

Former UEFA president Platini was detained in the Qatar World Cup investigation

Former UEFA leader Michel Platini, who was banned, was held for questioning Tuesday on a criminal investigation into the…

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Qatar and Iran… Private relations and common plots

Qatar continues to gravitate in the Iranian circle getting closer every day more, amid growing tensions in the Gulf…

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Mohamed Larbi Zitout

Qatar is using Mohamed Larbi Zitout to repeat in Algeria what happened in Egypt in 2011

Earlier this month, Algeria’s Constitutional Council canceled the elections planned for July 4. The elections were intended to fill…

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nepal workers

Nepal workers ‘deaths’ in Qatar rises to 1,400

The Nepali government has stated that there have been ‘many deaths’ in Qatar claiming that 1,400 workers have died…

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The Qatar media provokes the boycott of Bahrain’s Palestinian working group but ignores the leaks about its regime participation.

The Qatari media have come to the forefront with articles and ideas shedding a negative light on the US…

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Hate preacher Al-Qaradawi received the best place in the house at the Emir of Qatar

At the top table of the Qatari’s Ramadan feast, which he took in the paintings of the state TV…

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Libyan army: UN envoy ignored the smuggling of arms to the militias by Turkey and Qatar

Al Karama Operations Room of the Libyan Army told the UN Security Council Tuesday that UN envoy to Libya…

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Time for action on the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in Europe

The fight against the Muslim Brotherhood must be at the top of theagenda of the next Gulf Cooperation Council…

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lamine diack

Qatar’s BeIn TV channel CEO, former Athletics chief is wanted for corruption allegations

The boss of Qatar’s television channel BeIn, Yousef Al-Obaidly’s boss and former athletic chief Lamine Diack has been investigating…

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Qatar builds stadiums for FIFA over bleeding workers

A wealthy state like Qatar, it is being reported, continues to exploit its working class and refuses to change…

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al jazeera

Al Jazeera The long history of Arab anti-Semitism

Al Jazeera was renewed last week after the release of a video called “Holocaust denial” to the Arab youth…

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Al Jazeera

Qatar network Al Jazeera criticized the film “Holocaust denial”

Al-Jazeera’s youth channel AJ + Arabic drew widespread condemnation for a video called genocide denial for claiming that Jews…

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Qatar’s friendship with Iran

Qatar’s support to the Muslim Brotherhood, and its proximity to Iran no longer a secret, Qatar openly supports Iran,…

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Us militiary intelligence

Experts warned that Qatar may leak US military intelligence to Tehran

Qatar finds himself in a precarious position as international pressure on Iran increases. Experts are warning that there is…

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Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt want Qatar to stop financing terrorist groups

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt urged Qatar to stop funding terrorist groups and to respect the rights of migrant…

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Qatar ! TALIBAN’s second home

In a video released Friday, Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai ,the Taliban diplomate said that : United States is on the verge…

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Ghufran clan

Qatar ignores the need of human rights for a few Ghufran clan members

Some families of the Ghufran community are suffering from identity crises with Qatar having stripped them of their citizenship,…

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Qatar fountation

Does the Qatar Foundation use university grants to fund radical individuals and groups on campus?

The environment at North American college campuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has reached toxic levels in recent years. Most…

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Al-Ghufran families ‘arbitrarily expelled Qatar citizenship’: HRW report

Members of the Al-Ghufran clan are being deprived of key human rights by the Qatari government, according to Human…

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QATAR’s Foreign Minister top secret check out to Iran

MOHAMMED AL-THANI, Qatar’s foreign minister, paid out a hidden visit to Iran on Saturday, where he talked Iranian officials…

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zalmay khalizad

The brutal Taliban violence is in pursuit of ‘slowness’ in Afghan talks

The US envoy pointed out that talks with the Taliban in ending the war in Afghanistan…

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general khalifa haftar

Khalifa Haftar – the man the US is backing to bring peace to Libya

Libya has been struggling to achieve political stability since the 2011 revolution, organised to dethrone its autocratic ruler Moammar…

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emirati website

Qatar has blocked the Emirati website, making it difficult for its citizens to travel to the UAE

The UAE asked Qatar to unblock a website that allows Qatar citizens to apply for permission…

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akbar al baker

Qatar’s political correctness doesn’t cover its racist attitude

Doha is infamous for not only supporting terrorism but for having biased policies towards immigrants of different nationalities (treating…

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Ceasefire or fire, Qatar controls Hamas’s moves in Palestine

The outrage of young Gazans took an overt form when the Qatari ambassador visited Gaza, sometime towards the end of…

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akbar al baker

Doha tourism chief says there is no visa for the country’s ‘enemies’

Qatar, the secretary-general of the National Tourism Council, will not give visas to those whom he…

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benjamin netanyahu

Anti-normalization launched in Gulf

Al-Khaleej Online, said in a statement yesterday, activists struggling with the Israeli invasion of the Gulf…

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