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Qatar spreads religious extremism in Australia


The Muslim brothers is a virus that proliferated everywhere in the world having good funding and support from countries such as Qatar, which host leaders of this violent and extremist movement and broods them, like el Qaradawi, who preach hatred and violence several terrorist attacks around the world have been …

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The endless promises of Legislative elections in Qatar..

Shura Council

The decision to delay the Shura Council elections highlights the contradictions of the Qatari Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman Lulwa Al-Khater, who always speaks about Doha’s adherence to democratic processes!! Qataris still aspire to apply their constitutional right to elect one-third of the Shura Council members. As the term of the council …

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How much does Qatar care about Human Rights?

Human Rights

Geneva-based Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor questioned the policies and laws practiced in Qatar, which contradicts its laws on paper and violate human rights. Qatari constitution reflects duplicity as it guarantees its citizens’ fundamental rights but bars them from exerting freedoms of opinion, expression, peaceful assembly and association. Qatar doesn’t even …

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US site: Qatar the sponsor of war, hatred and terrorism


Qatar has tried each and every possible way to win Washington’s trust, Qatar even paid large sums of money to public relations companies to improve its image among American political circles, especially President Donald Trump. Qatar also paid high-profile politicians, researchers, and journalists to polish their image, and to buy …

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US think tank raises concern over Qatar’s increasing ties with Iran and Islamic extremists


US non-profit think tank, Hudson Institute, organised an event, to hold discussion over “Countering Violent Extremism: Qatar, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood”. The talk included senior members of the US Congress, retired officials from previous Republican and Democratic administrations, and several scholars and analysts from other think tanks in Washington. …

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Qatari terror balancing act: Supporting counter-terrorism even while housing terrorist


The small, gas-rich nation has been at odds with its neighbors for financing, and sheltering extremists belonging to terror outfits like the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, etc. The spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaradawi, stays in Qatar and propagate the state-run media house Al Jazeera. Qatar also reportedly …

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Qatar Continues to Mistreat Migrant Workers


As a complete irony of Qatar’s constant investments in developmental projects worldwide, its migrant workers are living in deplorable conditions. One such incident that has come into focus is the condition of migrant workers working round the clock towards the completion of stadiums in anticipation of the FIFA World Cup …

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Nasser Al-Omar: The antithesis of modernity


Nasser Al-Omar, a Saudi hate-hate preacher who was detained in August 2018, was a strong rival in the Islamic world and the confusion of Muslims and non-Muslims. She published several fatwas that curb women’s rights. He is known for his loyalty to the Muslim Brotherhood, a group designated as terrorists …

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