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Climbing continues in Idlib despite alleged ceasefire


Syria dynamics in the last opposition stronghold Wednesday night, Russia and Turkey in Idlib Syrian regime forces and opposition fighters in quietly changed by Russian news agencies claiming that the cease-fire agreement. However, contrary to the alleged ceasefire, the intense bombardment was later reported to target civilian areas south of …

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Tensions Between Russia and Iran Grow in Syria


Russian military police reportedly raided last week in Syria against Iran-backed militias in Aleppo’s international airport, local media reported. Afterward, several Iranian militia leaders, seen as the last section of tensions between Iran and Russian forces in Syria, were arrested. Since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011, …

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Experts talk about Turkey-NATO dealings


Turkey’s acquirement of the Russian aegis arrangement S-400 is not an abstruse botheration but a political one, a German able said on Monday. “It’s a political problem. If Turkey receives S-400s, the F-35 transfers will be chock-full and that would be a big loss,” Ian Lesser, controlling administrator for Brussels …

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Russian missiles buy risky for Turkey

russian s-400 missiles

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken the case for buying the Russian S-400 missiles directly to his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump in the last ditch effort to a minimum of softening any sanctions, but there is a very high risk the U.S. measures could plunge Turkey into renewed economic …

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Russia : Catastrophic Situation in Al-Hawl, Al-Rukban Syria refugee camps


A “catastrophic situation” has erupted in Al-Hawl and Al-Rukban camps for Syrian refugees, Russia cautioned yesterday. “Despite the common positive dynamics in certain directions, the situation is still catastrophic,” Foreign Ministry official, Igor Starkov, claimed during a meeting of Russian and Syrian coordination officers on returning refugees. The Russian official …

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