After Taliban Bomber Kills 20 Activists, Pakistan’s Secular Party Remains Aggressive

On 11th July, Pakistan’s Awami National Party promised not to bend from its decision to face down terrorists; a day after a Taliban suicide bomber killed a huge number of party activists. Among the list of the deceased, the son of an assassinated party leader is also present.

Awami National Party, the secular party was drawn mostly from the Pashtun ethnic group, has long clashed with other Islamist groups in Pakistan’s northwestern region bordering Afghanistan. The Pashtun group also provides many recruits for the Taliban.

After the attack, a senior party leader stated that they want complete peace on the soil and their party wants to stand with the people of the country. He told a news agency that their party remains committed to fight against the terrorists.

Among those who got killed during 10th July’s night bombing in Peshawar, includes a senior leader Haroon Bilour. Bilour inherited the anti-Taliban mantle of his father. Bilour’s father got killed during a suicide bombing in 2012.

ANP demands that Pakistan should have a secular government instead of rule by Islamic law. Under the Islamic law, the Pakistani Taliban grouped into militants and sectarian bands wags war on the state.

The Awami National Party was a leading party in the conservative Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. However, after Taliban killed hundreds of its activists before the 2013 election, it required five years to rebuild the party. During and after the election in 2013, more than 700 party workers got killed.

From last year, the ANP recommenced to campaign on the anti-militancy platform by holding rallies and workers’ conventions across the province and in the southern city of Karachi.

The party is looking forward to win a few seats in the national assembly and in the provincial assembly. If they achieve success from the July 25th election, it would help the party to make a comeback after 2008 elections. However, the party members won’t take their step back because of the fear of Talibans.


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