Taliban Tells US That It Doesn’t Want to Use Afghanistan as a Platform for Terrorists

In a historic acknowledgement, the Taliban has restored confidence to the US that it strongly protests any efforts taken by militant groups to use Afghanistan as a platform to carry out attacks overseas. This statement has been made at a time when discussions to end the 17-year long war enters the fourth day.
Still under scrutiny in the discussions between the rebels and American diplomats in the Gulf state of Qatar are a truce and the future of American forces in Afghanistan, which includes the pull out of some forces or nearly the entire troop i.e. 14,000 U.S. forces. Thereby, the status of American military bases in the nation would become a big question.
The Taliban stated that for years that it wouldn’t permit Afghan territory to be used for attack others, but since formal talks on ending the battle restarted in July, American negotiators have wanted the promise of the mutineers that fanatic groups like al Qaeda won’t be allowed to function from Afghan soil succeeding any peace deal.
The Taliban hitherto are busy in a strong, often fierce, rivalry with Islamic State’s local branch. Earlier attempts by the negotiators to reach such an adjustment have been dismissed by some Taliban officers over worries that it would be observed by rank-and-file fighters as joining forces with Washington against the jihadist group al Qaeda.
Solution between the U.S. and the Taliban floundered recently over the mutineer’s ongoing refusal to discuss with the Afghan government, which the group regards to be an American puppet. This month the Taliban cautioned to end their contact with Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S. special envoy who is heading the American negotiating team.
However, the Taliban stated that discussions with Mr Khalilzad had revived in Doha, ensuing American accepting the plan to end the invasion of Afghanistan and avert Afghanistan from being used as a base
against other nations in the future.

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