Team created by UN human rights body for documenting Myanmar abuses

The top human rights body of the UN agreed to set up a team for the collection of evidence about the alleged crimes which were committed in Myanmar against the Rohingya Muslims and others since the year 2011. The information gathered could be used some day to prosecute the suspected perpetrators.

The Human Rights Council is a 47 member group which voted 35-3 for the creation of an “independent mechanism” which in essence would be an accountability body for complementing a fact-finding mission which was previously authorized for helping to document the alleged violations of human rights in Myanmar.

The resolution to form the new team had been presented jointly by the European Union which was led by Austria and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation which had been led by Pakistan. China, Burundi and Philippines were in opposition to the measure. Seven countries chose not to vote.

The work of this accountability body could start in the coming months and would expectedly cover a huge security crackdown which had begun in August 2017. Human rights group says that this action had led to the death of at least 10,000 people and was the cause for thousands of Rohingya Muslims to flee from their motherland and take shelter in Bangladesh.

The ambassador of Myanmar in Geneva, Kyaw Moe Tun was critical of the resolution and said that it was on the basis of a report issued by the mission of fact-finding which was full of unverified information.

Million of UN funds dollars would go towards collection of evidence of the alleged wrongdoing that had happened in Myanmar which might had been a case of mass genocide and many other war crimes.

The key resolution would be to increase the pressure on the military chiefs in Myanmar and the others who may come under investigation for committing alleged war crimes. Human rights group from everywhere appreciated the move.


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