Terror Suspect Reveals Al Qaeda’s Plan for India

Bangladeshi officials have managed to apprehend a Rohingya terror suspect working for al Qaeda. The terror suspect, known as Samiun Rahman, has now revealed the plans al Qaeda had for the Indian subcontinent.

According to the National Investigation Agency, Rahman was sent to India so that he could recruit and mobilize the youth to fight for the Rohingya Muslim community. The agency stated that his plan was to go to Myanmar via Mizoram and Chittagong.

The agency managed to recover chats from messaging apps used by Rahman and his alleged associates in al Qaeda located in Bangladesh, India and Syria among other countries.

Rahman was apparently given the order of moving to Bangladesh due to his knowledge and understanding of the local languages and also because of his dedication to the cause. He was also given the job of establishing a base for his group in the Indian subcontinent.

In 2014, Rahman reached Dhaka and visited his ancestral village. He created a Facebook page for creating awareness of the Syrian crisis. He also got in touch with Tanzil and Asif Adnan as an effort to radicalize and recruit them. Tanzil is the son of a bureaucrat while Asif’s father is a high court judge.

Over the course of his stay, Rahman visited several locations in Bangladesh including Dhaka, Nabiganj and Silhet in order to radicalize youths. He sent them to Myanmar and Syria. However, he was captured and jailed in October 2014 till April 2017.

As per the NIA, Bangladesh and India are the top priorities for the terrorist group, al Qaeda after USA and Israel.


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