Terrorists Encouraged By ISIS to Target UK’s Prince George

A supporter of the Islamic State has encouraged a lone wolf attacker to attack on Prince George at his school. An e- tool kit for terrorism will be provided to the attacker by the supporter in a creative online channel which is also ran by the supporter. The lone attacker is named by him as Mujahid which was confirmed by the Woolwich Crown Court.

The attacker is a 32 year old person who have been employed as a teacher at the Muhammadi Mosque also said that he will be poisoning the ice cream for Prince George who have been targeted by them at Thomas’s Battersea school which is situated in the south west of London. The prosecutor said that his proposals were actually unsystematic and it also did not make any distinction between the child and the adult and also between the members of the civilians and the forces which are fighting for the matter.

The suggestions also include the injections which was planned to be used to poison the ice cream available in the supermarket. They were also planning that they would target Prince George first at his school. Along with this Prince George was also targeted at railway stations in Australia and Halloween parade which was held in New York. Rashid who is known to be supporting the lone attackers and specialized in doing so provides all the necessary information of every possible type of attacks. The information also includes the use of bombs, knives and also chemicals. He made numerous posts which glorified the atrocities committed against others and also inciting and encouraging the readers about the plans and commit more successful terrorist attacks in their own.


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