The Bitter Relationship between the U.S and Pakistan Has Lasted Almost Six Decades and Might Worsen

The U.S and Pakistan have been sharing a hostile relationship for almost sixty years. U.S. President Donald Trump had announced the suspension of U.S. military aid to Islamabad last week. Trump claimed that the United States had been foolish enough to give away around thirty-three million dollars as aid over a period of fifteen years. The U.S has received nothing in return and hence the decision to discontinue the aid has been taken.

The National Security Council has confirmed that the White House is not ready to pay such a huge amount of money as aid to Pakistan at the present moment and Pakistan’s cooperation will be reviewed.

Pakistan’s Opinion

Pakistan foreign minister Khawaja Asif has compared United States’ behavior to that of a friend who betrays. Small groups of students have been observed chanting the ill about the U.S and burning American flags and photos of the U.S. President.

Trust Issues

The two countries have faced difficult phases in the last sixty years but the economic and military needs have made them stick together. Ever since the 9/11 attacks, the relationship became strained because of the war with Afghanistan.

Since the establishment of Pakistan, they have had a roller coaster relationship with the U.S.


The military assistance to both India and Pakistan was suspended by the United States.

Pakistan had helped the United States to establish the communications with China. The U.S President had first visited China that year. In 1971, the United States had suspended the military aid to Pakistan because of the civil war between East and West Pakistan. In 1979, military aid to Pakistan was discontinued because of nuclear weapons activity.


With the help of Pakistan, the United States could carry money, weapons, and foreign fighters to Afghanistan.


After the attack at New York and Washington, the United States requested Pakistan to hunt for Taliban and eliminate him along with his companions.


Donald Trump, the U.S President accuses Pakistan of giving birth to terrorists and providing a safe haven for them.

The bitter relationship with the United States might force Pakistan to renew their ties with China. What are your views regarding this matter?


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