The Threat of Conflict between Russia and US Rises, Start Last Battles against ISIS in Syria

The United States and Russia have begun to separate the efforts to help their respective allies of Syria to defeat the ISIS in the country. According to the new reports, the efforts indicated towards the rick of the conflict between the two powers of the world and they were escalating one more time. A mostly Kurdish alliance, The Syrian Democratic Forces, backed by the coalition led by the US against the ISIS, has launched their third phase to defeat the ISIS in the eastern side of Syria. This is declared as the final phase between the countries. The eastern side of Syria comprises of the village of Hajin and the countryside of Deir Ezzor province. It also includes the part where the jihadis once controlled half of the country and they reduced them to mere pockets.

The multiethnic Syrian Democratic Forces are still now committed to liberate the people of the northeastern part of Syria from the control of ISIS and to put an end to the suffering of the humans in that particular area. Commander of the Special Operations Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, Major General Patrick Roberson mentioned that they will continue to coordinate with the Syrian Democratic Forces along with its other partners to promote the security and the stability of the region which will ensure a lasting defeat for the Islamic State militant group.

Major General Patrick Roberson also said that they will also support the partners of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the shared fight which they are having against ISIS in Syria. He also thanked the Syrian Democratic Forces for their contribution and the sacrifices that they have made instead of the international community. The United States started supporting the Syrian Democratic Forces from the month of October in 2015.


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