Trump needs to abandon the airbase upgrades of Qatar as it is not a decent American ally

President Trump needs to speak on the phone or tweet to Twitter and tell the Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani that the US will not make use of the expanded base facilities in Qatar and he should think regarding relocating the US military out of Qatar.

Unless their foreign policy gets realigned which would lead to Qatar on showing higher support in regional stability and counterterrorism.

Action by Trump is required regarding an announcement that was made by a Qatari government official on the plans of extending the Al-Udeid airbase. That base carries the elements of forward command for the US Central Command and also plays a significant role in the US strike operations against Bashar Assad and also against the Islamic State.

Still the intention of Qatar in the building of newer facilities at Al-Udeid is about locking the US in a long-term official presence of the military in Qatar. It is deemed to be all a part of the patronage policy which is being followed by Qatar for the purchase of Western military equipments and which would get them the Western political assistance for the broader foreign policy of Qatar.

The problem is in the fact that Qatar has kept on acting in a manner which fundamentally clashes with that of American interests. Qatar is happily supporting the Iranian foreign policy interests against regional stability. By maintenance of the growing commercial ties with Iran, the government of Qatar has let the Iranian revolutionary guard who are determined to save their businesses from the pressure of the US sanctions.

The real cause so as to why Trump requires to challenge Qatar is regarding its current support for the Salafi-Jihadist terrorists. The mismatch between the words of Qatar and the actions it undertakes is quite surprising. The Al Thani family which is in ruling allows these conducts as it is an ideological supporter for the extremely conservative traits of Sunni political Islam.


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