Trump Orders Us Troops to Leave Syria, Overrides National Security Aids and Blindsides Ground Commanders

According to recent news reports, US president Donald Trump wreaked havoc on the minds of his ground commanders and lawmakers with his recent decision. He ignored their advice and rebuttals and impulsively pulled out the US troops from Syria which turned the American Policy in the US upside down.
Many critics said that this will undoubtedly result in the empowerment of Iran and Russia, and may even lead to the rebuilding of ISIS or Islamic Militant Group which the US troops with much trouble erased from Syria.
Sources claim, that Trump was hell-bent on sticking to his decision even after his top advisors are suggesting him to take alternative routes. According to Trump, he had promised to adhere by an America First philosophy when he came into power. Hence, it’s high time he respects and initiates the policy.
Initially, Trump had already pulled America out of the Nuclear Deal and Paris Accord and this showcased his determination to keep America out of possible unfavorable deals. He had further commented that he was already planning to ensure that America won’t be further involved militarily activities.
A former official from the White House said that Trump had commented that their job was to drive out the ISIS from Syria and as they had done that already. Hence, it’s not necessary that the US troops need to be posted in Raqqa and other ISIS grips.
Nevertheless, Trump’s decision was strongly rejected and negatively viewed by the Pentagon. According to them, with the US backing out, Russia and Iran will use their backing of the Syrian government to strengthen their provincial influences. Now, the peace which was achieved with such trouble would once again crumble under Donald Trump’s impulsive decisions.

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