Trump’s Declaration to Hand War against IS to Turkey Invites Risks

The US president Mr. Trump last week announced the withdrawal of the US troops from Syria. There are around 2000 US soldiers operational in the northern frontier of Syria. This termination of the military troop apparently looks like Turkey will be on board to fight the ISIS in Syria.

According to the video footages available online, Turkey is already bolstering its military strength along the country’s southern frontier. One of the media houses of Turkey reportedly said, after their active intervention, the Syrian rebels were moving towards Manbij. Manbij is a pocket territory, located east of the Euphrates River in Syria. This area is controlled by the Turks with the US-backed Kurdish-led forces. However, this zone is again considered hostile by the Ankara.

It seems the States’ decide of removal of their army may not a wise one as Turkey may not fight against the ISIS alone. This may destabilize the condition of Syria as it will create a vacuum for others to establish their power. Hence, handing Turkey the role of proxy in the northern Syria is highly dubious. Several lawmakers and foreign policymakers are full of skepticism with this decision. Especially, regions like Raqqa and DeirAzzour needs extra attention. Turkish troop can’t handle the battle alone as the ISIS is pretty much dominant there with heavy weapons and launches frequent attacks.

The prudence strongly believes the absence of US may increase the Iranian influence in the country, dragging circumstances to worse. Catering to this crisis, Turkey is all vocal to seek help the United States of Nation. The major reason, Turkey is not competent like America’s air power or in any other mean. Hence, it is clearly evident if the Turks have to reach Syria to fight ISIS, they need additional support from the external source.

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