Turkey, Russia and Iran Urged to Pause in the Syrian Conflict by EU

Federica Mogherini, the Chief of EU foreign policy had directed Turkey, Iran and Russia to pause in the Syrian conflict. In a press meeting, Mogherini had stated that the three countries had agreed to share the special responsibility to cease fire in Syria and pressurize the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to start the negotiations.

Mogherini had stated that an escalation in the military activities was being witnessed contrary to the promises made by Russia, Turkey and Iran. Assad had received a lot of support during the prolonged war period from the countries of Russia and Iran. The war that extended for a period of seven years had claimed the life of millions and had uprooted many more. Turkey had been supporting the opponents and had always wanted to oust the tyrannical Syrian President.

The negotiation process among the three countries has been conducted in Astana, the capital of Kazakh. Mogherini had stated that the sustainable peace in Syria would be linked to the political process. She feels that it is very important that Russia and Iran pressurize Damascus so that it is ready to discuss issues with the UN auspices. Mogherini and the UN special envoy had appealed so that the Geneva peace process can be resumed quickly so that the conflict could be ended soon.

The UN humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock had stated that the donors were expected to pledge for $4.4 billion aid to help the people of Syria and the neighboring countries which are providing shelter to the refugees. Lowcock had thanked Germany, Britain and the EU for their large contributions. Countries like the United States, known for their large contributions have not yet been able to assure their donations because of domestic budget processes.


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